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Protect your Marina, Canals, Docks, & Piers with Ice Eater!

The Ice Eater’s propeller draws up warmer subsurface water and deflects it to the surface. By creating a constant circulation of the warmer subsurface water, the Ice Eater prevents further ice formation and melts existing ice. Moving water does not freeze!

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Warm water rises to melt the Ice Above!

Ice Eater In Action!

Ice Eater in Action GIF
Dock Mounts are available

Dock Mounts are also available!

The Dock Mount attaches to the 1/2 HP, 3/4 HP, or 1 HP Power House Ice Eater units. This dock mount allows you to change the angle, direction, and depth of the motor. The 360° positions allow you to operate your unit vertically or horizontally, plus 3 positions in between in 20° angle increments.